Who we are

MMA – the Covéa Group structure specialising in commercial risk in France and around the world

As we share the same entrepreneurial spirit and uphold the same values as you, we endeavour to provide you with specialist expertise, practical support and high-quality service that meets your expectations and needs. By choosing MMA, which specialises in providing risk insurance to businesses in France and around the world, you can be sure of having a steadfast and trusted partner by your side at all times.

MMA provides tailored solutions for risk management and business insurance

Risk management forms a central focus for our customers. We support businesses of all sizes operating in every area of the economy, in France and around the world, to manage the risks they face by providing effective, fitting solutions through the International Network of Insurance (INI), a network of market leading insurance companies located in over 150 countries across all continents.
Through the INI, MMA also offers customers the possibility to put in place international insurance policies with high-quality services in line with their expectations.

Our range of solutions :

  • Property and financial loss : Property damage, business interruption losses, equipment breakdown, and cyber ;
  • .Casualty : Commercial general liability, professional liability, business equipment insurance, and environmental liability ;
  • Construction : Business policies and project policies ;
  • Fleets and merchandise : Commercial vehicle cover, liability and insurance cover for seconded employees, and cargo ;
  • Specialty risks : Regulated legal and accounting professions, technical risks, special risks, public sector contracts, non-occupant property owners, sports federations, and leisure activities ;
  • Group policies : Group health and protection insurance for employees ;
  • International : Commercial property damage lines, general liability, inherent defects insurance, and cargo.

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MMA in figures

  • Presence around the globe in over 150 countries through the INI
  • €2.2 billion in Commercial revenue, including €1 billion through the brokerage network
  • 6,488 employees

(Source: MMA Annual Report at 31/12/2019)

MMA, a subsidiary of the Covéa Group, is a leading provider of property and casualty insurance in France

As the second largest insurance provider in the corporate property and casualty market in France, MMA constitutes Covéa’s vanguard in the commercial risk market, generating a solid rate of above-average growth.

We work closely with our customers over the long term to build relationships based on trust and shared values, enabling us to conduct ourselves in a transparent manner and in accordance with our beliefs. We achieve this by providing insurance solutions and services that effectively mitigate the risks you face so as to advise you at every stage of your development.


  • Proximity : Our teams operating on the ground

    As genuine partners for your business, our teams analyse the risks you face and recommend the most suitable insurance solutions. They also endeavour to meet your expectations regarding service quality and operational excellence.
    Day to day, we strive to support our customers to grow their business by taking a technical and tailored approach to each case.

  • Solidity : A reliable, financially stable partner

    Proud of our French origins, our governance structure reflects our roots, as all important and strategic decisions are taken in France, close to the reality of the market, which guarantees a rapid and competent response. 
    Our place within the Covéa Group also brings us considerable financial stability. As one of the most stable providers in the market, we are able to stand by our customers as a reliable partner that has worked closely with businesses in France and around the world for over 30 years now.

Covéa in figures

  • A solvency ratio of 406% at 31/12/2019
  • 2019 revenue of €17.4 billion
  • 21,000 employees in France

After closing 2019 with revenue of nearly €17.4 billion, up 2.8% year on year, with a 7.7% increase in international revenue and 2.1% in France, Covéa was well positioned to weather the following 12 months, which were heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Group started 2021 with solid fundamentals, recognised by S&P Global Ratings. Indeed, the agency raised the financial strength rating of Covéa Coopérations and its guaranteed entities from 'A+' to' AA-', with a stable outlook, the highest possible rating in the insurance industry.

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This rating truly acknowledges the commitment of the Covéa teams, the quality of our business model and the strong reputation of our brands, including MMA.

Thierry Derez, Covéa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

MMA around the world

With a strong international focus, MMA has been helping businesses conquer new markets outside France for over 30 years.

Our presence throughout France, close to where you operate, serves your expectations for streamlined decision-making processes. Moreover, since 1985 we have built up a presence all around the world, in over 150 countries, via the International Network of Insurance (INI).

Globally, MMA manages over 856 international policies, through its experienced multinational teams of underwriters, managers and claims adjusters.

MMA’s international team also includes people specifically focused on managing, underwriting and coordinating with agents near to you in Paris and around France. Our multidisciplinary coordination team will support you as you extend your programme beyond France into the international market.

The INI enables us to maintain a presence in over 150 countries by bringing together 120 insurance providers that all boast market leading positions within their countries of operation. These local independent partners cultivate a vast range of expertise and enjoy considerable financial strength.

Insurance providers location in the world

Covéa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy

Covéa developed its CSR strategy so as to share the value it creates with all its stakeholders. We achieve this by:

1. Mobilising our collective strengths to enhance the customer experience. This requires in particular insurance coverage and services that reflect the demographic, social and environmental changes our customers are experiencing.

2. Encouraging all our talent to develop their careers. We do everything in our power to guarantee equality and diversity to combat all forms of discrimination. In addition, we consider the quality of life at work and a positive work/life balance to be of the utmost importance.

3. Embodying our commitments to bring about a more responsible society. Our governance body operates in line with our Code of Ethics. We also endeavour to protect the personal data of our customers through our “Responsible Data” mission. Furthermore, we encourage local initiatives that boost innovation, develop local services, create employment opportunities and promote integration.

By adopting and adapting the Group’s policies, MMA has put in place a number of initiatives, within the company and beyond, to enhance equal opportunities and protect the environment, in particular by taking into consideration the environmental, social and ethical factors related to its insurance activity.

  • 53.3% of managerial positions are occupied by women
  • Operating property that generates a carbon footprint of 9,225 T CO2 eq.*, or 15.02 Kg CO2 eq./m2**

* T CO2 eq.: Tonnes of CO2 equivalent
** Kg CO2 eq.: Kilogrammes of CO2 equivalent

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