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Welcome to the MMA website specially tailored to medium-sized companies

Protect your business by putting your trust in a leading insurance provider in the retail market that sets the standard in the risk management market

What MMA can do for medium-sized companies

As we share the same entrepreneurial spirit and uphold the same values as you, we endeavour to provide you with technical expertise, practical support and high-quality service that meets your expectations and needs. By choosing MMA, which specialises in providing risk insurance to businesses in France and around the world, you can be sure of having a steadfast and trusted partner by your side at all times.

MMA offers a wide range of insurance solutions and services that are tailored to the needs and risks faced by medium-sized companies. We will be there to advise you at every stage of your development across a wide scope of areas, including financial loss, property and casualty, construction, fleets and cargo, specialty risks, as well as group health and protection for employees and international protection. MMA has been working with businesses for more than 30 years, helping them to conquer new markets outside France.


For further information about MMA’s insurance solutions, please contact your insurance broker